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Serving as a Community Reading Buddies mentor is a unique opportunity to make a measurable difference in a young student’s life and develop your own leadership and communication skills. Mentors receive considerable support, from staff, Lead Mentors, and our digital literacy platform, BookNook, where youth mentors and their young readers engage in literacy activities via online video conferencing.

Early Literacy Solution Bay Area

Here’s what an eight-week Community Reading Buddies cycle looks like for K-3rd graders:

Every student is thoughtfully paired with a well-trained, vetted, and committed Youth Mentor. Parents are engaged individually at the beginning and end of the cycle as well.

Twice a week, our K-3rd graders arrive to a virtual “kick-off” with their Mentor and 24 other pairs.


The students get energized for the day and go off with their Mentor for a 45-minute session of fun literacy activities, individually customized for their literacy level.


At the end of the 45-minute session, the students all come back together to share their favorite moments with each other and the Mentors debrief their highlights, challenges, and goals.

At the end of the program, the average K-3rd grader makes four months of literacy progress in only 8 weeks, bringing a significant portion up to grade level.

If you think your local school would benefit from Community Reading Buddies, please request our program.

"Every day, Shaifa was very excited for Reading Buddies and to see Michael. He made her feel like she can get better every day. I’ve never seen her in a class where she was this excited!”

– Shaifa’s Mom Sajeda, after Shaifa grew by nearly a full grade level in literacy in eight weeks

"Envy had low confidence in herself when it came to reading. And she's never really been interested in reading. Now she wants to read all the time!...I love this program!"

– Envy’s Mom Shamika, after Envy grew by a full grade level in literacy in literacy in seven weeks

"You can see the growth from the beginning to the end with the kids, and the feeling you get is just indescribable. It's really amazing to watch your Buddy's confidence grow, to watch their skills grow, and to know that you were a part of it. It just feels amazing.”

– Aniyah, CRB mentor