Community Reading Buddies is a true double-impact program

“She’s never been interested in reading. Now she wants to read all the time!”

– Parent whose 3rd-grade daughter’s literacy level soared by more than a grade level in 8 weeks

Community Reading Buddies is committed to ensuring that Bay Area K-3rd graders gain the critical reading skills they need to prepare them for academic success. In turn, our high schoolers are trained in social-emotional skills that prepare them to become successful, independent adults. 

We measure success every step of the way. By utilizing an award-winning digital literacy program, every activity and lesson is individualized to each K-3rd grader’s needs. In every activity, data is being collected so that we – and their mentor – know exactly what the student is ready for next according to their exact reading level.

The program impact on our K-3rd graders

In only eight weeks, our K-3rd graders average four months growth in literacy. For students behind in literacy, that gives them just the boost they need to feel confident in school.

Because of that growth, more than one-third of students who enter below grade level reach grade level in their first eight-week Community Reading Buddies cycle.

The program impact on our youth mentors

Before they even begin, they’re given training on how to connect, understand, and communicate, all of which helps prepare them to become independent, emotionally intelligent adults. In fact, 96% demonstrate growth as leaders & communicators.

With just a little bit of your help, no child in the Bay Area will be left behind

We’ve helped over 5,578 students since 1994

Community Reading Buddies has helped many students over the years, but the need is growing. Currently there are 245,000 K-3rd graders in the Bay Area who are now behind grade level in literacy after Covid. The educational need is unprecedented. And with your help, we can make the change happen.

In Fall 2022 alone, CRB served its largest-ever cohort of students to take place during the school year, with students growing by an average of five months in reading! For more information, take a look at the impact report from CRB’s Fall 2022 session here.

Check out our historical impact reports here: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.


While our approach needed to be adjusted in 2020 due to the pandemic, it helped to introduce our online platform and open doors to even more buddies than ever before.