CRB does its best work in partnership with foundations, donors, and sponsors who share our vision.

Our partners invest their knowledge, relationships, and leverage in support of the work of our students. If you would like to end the early literacy gap in the Bay Area, please join us.

West Davis & Bergard Foundation

The Barrios Trust

Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation

The Nicholson Family Foundation

Why should you partner with Community Reading Buddies?

Our corporate partners are given the opportunity to help build stronger communities, provide their employees the opportunity to participate in a flexible and meaningful volunteer experience, and create pathways to career introduction and development for the youth mentors we serve.

“My favorite moments with my reading buddy were when he would get excited over scenes in books! I loved watching my buddy grow as a reader and it made me happy to see him happy.”

– Kira, a CRB youth mentor

How does it work?

Our team will work with you to meet your company’s objectives for social impact and employee engagement. We will help you leverage the greatest asset — your talented and committed employees — to make a meaningful difference for young people in the Bay Area.

Corporate Volunteerism

Among other options, Community Reading Buddies invites corporate employees to “mentor our mentors” through resume review, college counseling, college essay editing, and career introductions.

Programmatic Support

Community Reading Buddies works closely with companies to manage every aspect of the partnership and deliver an impactful and fulfilling volunteer experience for employees. We equip volunteers with the curriculum, and staff support they need to succeed with their student(s).

Matching Gifts

Many companies provide grants to support their employees’ volunteer commitment and match their charitable donations. This goes a long way towards maximizing our impact and ending the early literacy gap in the Bay Area.

School and District Partners

Community Reading Buddies works with under-resourced schools throughout the Bay Area. Our model is proven to raise students’ reading proficiency and bring a significant number up to grade level in literacy.

Here’s what an eight-week Community Reading Buddies cycle looks like for K-3rd graders:

Every student is thoughtfully paired with a well-trained, vetted, and committed Youth Mentor. Parents are engaged individually at the beginning and end of the cycle as well.

Twice a week, our K-3rd graders arrive to a virtual “kick-off” with their Mentor and 24 other pairs.


The students get energized for the day and go off with their Mentor for a 45-minute session of fun literacy activities, individually customized for their literacy level.


At the end of the 45-minute session, the students all come back together to share their favorite moments with each other and the Mentors debrief their highlights, challenges, and goals.

At the end of the program, the average K-3rd grader makes four months of literacy progress in only 8 weeks, bringing a significant portion up to grade level.

If you think your local school would benefit from Community Reading Buddies, please request our program.